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Fields of activitiesMaritime Spatial Planning
Maritime Spatial Planning

Maritime Spatial Plan (MSP) of Latvia is a national level long-term (up to 12 years) spatial development planning document that shall define the use of the sea, considering a terrestrial part that is functionally interlinked with the sea and co-ordinating interests of various sectors and local governments in use of the sea. The MSP covers internal sea waters, territorial sea and exclusive economic zone.

The MSP includes four parts: the explanatory note; strategic sections; justification and description of permitted use of the sea; and the graphical section.

  1. The explanatory note provides an overview on the existing use of the sea and future trends of maritime sectors as well as characterising the marine waters and environmental condition, the nature values of marine ecosystems, landscapes and cultural heritage.
  2. The strategic part includes the long-term vision, strategic goals and tasks, as well as guidelines and principles for the development of the sea space.
  3. The justification and description of the permitted uses of the sea define the main categories and types of sea use, as well as providing the conditions under which these uses are possible.
  4. The graphical part of the MSP includes the following maps: the existing situation on a scale of 1:200 000, illustrations of alternative sea use scenarios, a map of the permitted uses of the sea on a scale of 1:200 000, as well as different thematic and schematic maps using relevant scales.

Development of the plan was started in 2014 when a national MSP coordination group was established and initial enlightening seminar about national MSP for general public was organized. The first draft was prepared during 2015. National public consultations and cross-border consultations within the framework of Espo Convention were held in late 2015 and early 2016. Currently the work on the final version of the plan is carried out and it is expected that plan will be approved by the Government in 2017.

DRAFT Maritime Spatial Plan for The Internal Sea Waters, Territorial Sea and Exclusive Economic Zone of the Republic of Latvia (May, 2016)

1.     Summary (May, 2016)

2.     The Map on Current Use of the Sea (June, 2015):
            a. Riga Bay & Irbe Strait 
            b. Open Sea (Kurzeme Coast)

3.     The Map on Permitted use of the Sea (May, 2016)

4.     Draft Environmental Reports (December, 2015 – version for public consultation) 


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